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I am a British Indian artist based in North West London. Mostly self-taught, my love of fine drawing, painting and ceramics started at an early age.

Never limiting myself to one medium, I enjoy trying new experimental ideas and actively pursue educating myself further in order to create exciting new works of art whether they be in clay, canvas or paper.

Many of my influences are rooted in my travels and I always try to catch a glimpse of the starry night skies wherever I land. I love vivid bright colours, how they work together, fuse, contrast and especially how they affect the viewer to lift their mood.


Several of my pieces are influenced by how the earth is a affected by climate crisis, especially how it has affected nature and weather on our planet. Especially highlighting that the most fragile species such as butterfly are the first to start vanishing. On that theme. one of my works is being exhibited at the St Anne's centre in Harrow, Roses are melting. Do go and visit, its free to view. Any sale of my painting will go to the WWF charity.

I have worked on several commissions and my work is held in private collections in India, Singapore, USA, Finland and UK . I am a member of Chandos Art Group, Harrow Open Studios and Pinner Sketch Club and participate in their exhibitions regularly.

I am active on

Instagram: bindugm_art do follow me :)

Keep Safe

Be Creative

Be Kind.

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