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Shocking intensity in colour is what excites me most. Often people say to me 'Wow! That's intense' and I have to smile because that's exactly what I am aiming for. It may or may not be a good WOW! But  one that brings out a reaction in the person looking at my work means they have engaged with it.
I have been creating artwork from an early age and have experimented with many mediums

over the last couple of years I have been painting with Alcohol inks and resin. With these mediums I feel I have found  my strength and a way to being my passion for colour to people. 

Colour is what I love to showcase. Its richness, the way it engages people, the intensity of colours excite me and I want the person looking at my work to participate in that excitement along with me. My Open Studios this year will be about showcasing this passion.
Much of my inspiration comes from our natural environment, its colours, patterns, forms, deep space, NASA pictures.

I take many pictures of things that interest me, but don't generally look at any one specifically to create my artwork. Unless it is for a particular commissioned work, I don't have interest in replicating the detail of objects in their true sense, its usually about colour and creating an atmosphere in order for the viewer to engage with my work for me. 

Working with alcohol ink and or resin allows me to do just that. The ink, and to that effect the resin has a mind of its own, its hard to control and to an extent I love letting it do its 'thing.' because that beings out the best in the medium and ultimately the painting. Resin, Ink and Mica powders allow me to layer giving some of my works such as 'Nebulosa' a 3D effect, whereas the pure intensity of alcohol inks bring out the lushness of colour in my painting 'Fireflies emerge from a magical waterfall.' 
Using these mediums I can really bring out the intensity in my nature inspired and abstract work, that is my passion and I would love you to participate in that with me.

I have worked on several commissions and my work is held in private collections in India, Singapore, USA, Finland and UK . I am a member of Chandos Art Group, Harrow Open Studios and Pinner Sketch Club and participate in their exhibitions regularly.

I am active on

Instagram: bindugm_art do follow me :)

Keep Safe

Be Creative

Be Kind.

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